Boxin is a big data platform that integrates reliable, diversified and dynamic individual consumption data. By offering individuals’ scores, business strategies, marketing consulting and anti-fraud solutions, Boxin helps industrial clients reduce business risks, find out potential business opportunities, and expand market shares.


Based on real-time merchants transaction data, the Sagacim Merchants Big Data Platform provides online data services, analytics and strategic solutions for clients of a variety of industries. It aims to help financial institutions, business enterprises, and commercial property developers and managements to improve their data-driven decision making capability.


ZenIndices ( is a big data platform offering exclusive analytics, business insights and strategy supports for institutional investors.


Geality is a visual analytics platform, which enables the visualization of financial data and creation of analytics through UI interaction. It provides customers with capability of customizing the reporting layouts and even analytics on the go.

Big Data Consulting Services

At UnionPay Advisors, we are relentlessly crafting our data mining and analysis techniques to serve our customers spanning various industries. Developed from the core assets of the gigantic UnionPay network data, we have been providing financial institutions with data driven decisioning strategies throughout the lifecycle of their business, spanning from marketing to risk management. Our associates are striking to enhance our clients’ core competence and ultimately form the culture of data driven strategies in China’s consumer finance industry.

Our M & A associates aim to help our clients increase their market share and meet their acquisition goals by devising various strategies including but not limited to response modeling, channel optimization, customer segmentation and campaign development.

Our lifetime risk management strategies provide a whole suite of tools to effectively control the potential risks at every development stage of a financial product. Serving the consumer banking and internet finance industries, we have developed risk control solutions including underwriting, pricing, line management, loss forecasting, risk mitigation, etc.

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